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I recently celebrated 4 years of recovery and can honestly say that if I hadn’t received the counseling I got my first 18 months of my recovery I would not be writing this.  I got to experience life changing counseling with Ms. Steele and her services through the IROC program.  When i came into the program December 2014, I was lost and very broken.  I had lost everything that meant anything to me. I suffered from drug addiction and was going through a grief process.  It wasn’t until I got honest with myself and others that I began to recover.  I remember Ms. Steele telling me through one of the sessions that it’s that one thing that you don’t get honest about that will take you back out and that is was when I realized I wanted to stay clean and sober and stop hurting my loved ones by my selfish actions! I was able to move on with my mourning the loss of a loved one.  I had counseling before IROC program and had released the balloons twice into the sky and still no healing until this one session Ms. Steele had and I got to the root of my grieving process.  I was able from there on out to be able to talk about my loved one and not break down crying.  I was able to move on.  I thank my God for putting the IROC program into my life and that I got the opportunity to be under the counseling of Ms. Steele.


Deeana S.

Expression of Gratitude:

I entered sobriety broken, pregnant and rather helpless. My plan was to stay in treatment, get cleaned up and go back to my old way of life. As I got deeper into my recovery, I realized that there was a better way of life. I met a wonderful, caring, beautiful Counselor named Nadine Steele, who guided me toward a better way of thinking. She made sure me, my teenaged daughter and newborn baby were OK and had everything we needed. She taught me how to forgive myself and move forward in life. She truly cared about me, more than I cared about myself, at the time. She created a safe environment to open up to talk about my struggles with my drinking and using drugs and to look at solutions that I would, to the best of my ability, utilize for long-term sobriety. I now have 16 years in sobriety. I have a beautiful life and I am touching lives, just as Nadine touched my life, all those years ago. I am forever grateful to this woman and I live each day with an attitude of Gratitude!!!

Forever Grateful,

Kimberly W.

To whom it may concern: my name is Andrea, I am a recovering addict, April 30,1996 I was a client in a recovery center . As I set in the front office a lady walked up to me introduced herself Nadine Steele letting me know she is my counselor. I wasn’t a compliant client , I thought I knew everything, an I just needed to rest an I will be ok . I would meet with Nadine along with others that was on her caseload. I didn’t want to talk or listen at the others with issues . But after several caseload meetings I begin to drop my walls , I begin to trust Nadine , which I never had trust for any female.I had several one on ones with Nadine. I open up to her an no one will ever know how much those one on ones allowed me to feel free of all the life tragedy’s I had experienced, I know if she hadn’t taken the time to listen an never judge me what my life would be at this moment.

I really appreciate her ability to take the broken, the shameful an guilty,an show you a new way to live life on life terms ,She recommended women groups , grief an loss , relapse prevention, an to get a sponsor. Nadine allowed me before my 90 days to get a job. An I had mandatory CA,NA,AA meetings she explained that they were important to my recovery. An to this Day with 22 years of continuous sobriety I still attend meetings as recommended. Through the good an bad days I refuse to let life or my best thinking take me back to that dark place I lived in for so long . I’m forever truly grateful to have had Nadine Steele for my counselor.

Andrea B.

November 29, 2018

Several years ago I had a family member go through drug court. Part of that process included weekly family meetings with a counselor; Nadine Steele, was the counselor at the time. We immediately clicked.

She has a way about her that completely surrounds you. She’s warm, understanding, listens and gives answers that are just what you need. No beating around the bush, no sugar coating either. Nadine is just what anyone in recovery or struggling with addiction needs. Professional and really gives her time freely.

I’d recommend her to anyone that needed the help or just someone to listen.

Grateful for every minute,

Michelle B.

My experience with addiction started a long time ago.  37 years of my life was wasted to drug addiction. I tried several times to get clean, but the drugs always called me back.  Finally, at age 52 – I simply got tired of all the work it took to keep up the addiction and to stay out of jail.  I got tired of seeing the hurt in my kid’s eyes and missing special occasions.

When I was sitting in jail for the last time, the court offered me a choice – either spend 2 years in prison or complete a program for drug rehab. I chose IROC drug court which is where I met Nadine. She assisted me with my family issues and now I have the best relationships with my family.  Today, 7 years clean and sober at 59 years old – I am happy to report that drugs could never take me away from all the happiness I enjoy.  I believe in a God that provides for all my needs just for the asking.  I follow a 12-step program that keeps me connected to my sobriety.  I am currently in my internship program to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor. Anything is possible now!!


At my family counseling sessions with Nadine, she was very professional and helpful.  She new all the right question to ask and really made a difference in my life.  I have eight years now clean and sober; and I have a great relationship with my children and Nadine was a big help in the process. I don’t know where I would be without her professional help.

Ruben R.

There is not enough that I can say about Nadine….

I started counseling with Nadine in December of 2012. She was my counselor for a year and a half.

When I got to Nadine, I was 38 and heavily addicted to meth. Committing crime after crime, I had a broken relationship with my 18-year-old daughter and I wasn’t a good parent to my 14 year old son. The rest of my family didn’t want anything to do with me, I was in a toxic relationship with a man, and my life was broken in every way imaginable.

Nadine, from day one, welcomed me with open arms and never passed judgement on me. She taught me how to dig deep, into my very core, to find out why I kept going back to using drugs. She helped me realize that using was only a symptom of my much deeper issues.

Nadine treated me with dignity and respect, while teaching me how to do the same for myself. She made sure I respected her boundaries while teaching me how to set healthy boundaries as well.

Today I have a great relationship with my daughter, I became a mother to my son, and I have learned that I do not need a man in my life to make me happy. I have found my own happiness.

Even until this day, if I have struggles in life, I know I can always call on Nadine for guidance, but more importantly, Nadine gave me the tools to get through life struggles on my own and without using drugs.

I am employable and trustworthy. I started a serving position at a restaurant towards the end of my counseling with Nadine and today I am a manager of that restaurant.

My son is now 21 and my daughter is 24. I have a beautiful life today.

Thank you Nadine.

Keri C.

Nadine was my counselor at the ROC program in 2003. I was broken, lost, confused and just knew that I didn’t have a problem. Little did I know, Nadine gave me the courage to face anything and most of all she gave me my life back. With her inspiring words and tough love, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you Nadine for all your love and support. I hold you dear to my heart always.

Cindy Rucker

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