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I believe in the resilience of a woman’s soul. To rise up when she’s been taken down.  That woman has a story to tell. A truth to speak. A life to life.

I believe at the core of her heart she is exceptional, brilliant, loving and kind, like a little girl who’s been untouched by cruelty. But when that little girl is harmed, her hurt becomes pain, that pain becomes scars and those scars become the walls she builds to protect herself from harm. Negativity seeps in and she believes all kinds of ugly things about herself and in doing so, she learns how to mask the pain . This takes on many forms.

My name is Nadine Steele, founder of Steele Recovery and I have a desire to listen to your story. Your courage to speak your truth about yourself humbles and inspires me. I see so much strength in it that my passion and compassion is stirred from within and I have to hear more. Moreover, I am compelled to help.

Whether you mask your pain with pills, alcohol, denial, approval, toxic relationships, drugs, food, codependency, guilt, shame, the tears of a clown or just trapped in your own negative thoughts, I know the way through and out because I am you. If you’re looking for a counselor,  with the heart of a teacher, who’s purpose in life is help you find yours, you’ve come to the right place.

Together, in the hands of God and a bit of willingness, we’ll discover what you’ve been looking for because,

 You, were born on purpose, for a purpose


Nadine's Professional Experience

Since 1994, Nadine has experience in helping men, women and families find recovery from their addiction to discovering a new way of life. By combining her profession and expertise with her passion and drive to support women, Nadine has found her niche in what she loves and shares her experience in cultivating trust, discovering spiritual connection and helping women find God and peace in their lives.


United States Army

Nadine joined the United States Army in 1992 and used her G.I. Bill to catapult her career to what it is today, becoming a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. While in the Army Reserve, she became the company's Drug and Alcohol NCO.


Counselor in Outpatient and Residential Treatment

Nadine started her career working for American Recovery Center and soon working her way to Supervisor. Nadine became an experienced Counselor in Outpatient and Residential treatment as well as women's prison.


Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Mental Health Systems. California Rehabilitation Center. Norco, CA., Women's Prison.


Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Whiteside Manor.


Riverside County Behavioral Health Specialist III

Since 2002, she has worked for Riverside County Behavioral Health in Outpatient, Methadone clinic, Calworks program program and 13 years in Riverside County Drug Court as the women’s substance abuse counselor.

2015 - Today

Private Practice

Now in her private practice, she specializes in working with women on women’s issues stemming from

  • Addiction
  • Relationships
  • Dysfunctional Families
  • Family Reunification
Nadine is a Life Coach, Certified Nationally in the State of California as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor as well as a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Interventionist, Sober Companion and sober travel companion.



CADC-II Aii10110315

CADC-II Aii10110315

Certified Addiction Counselor

NCAC-I 016754

NCAC-I 016754

Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor



Nationally Certified Recovery Coach



Nationally Certified Intervention Practitioner



Certificate- #173906

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